Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Wishes for a Head - start in Prep!!!

the playwayers who graduated in 2012 are wished a head- start in their Prep in 2013!
Hope all of you are in your new schools, having loads of fun, making new friends and greeting new teachers!!!
I am waiting for your letters/ emails and photographs showing me how you are doing this year!
Sending you big hugs and kisses,

Aunt Neelika 

Monday, July 9, 2012

All Good Things Come to an END!

Hello everyone,
I deeply regret to let you all know that after giving it a lot of thought and taking all the matters into consideration I have had to halt new enrollments at the playway nursery, as I have migrated to Australia.
I sincerely hope the interested new comers will gain entrance to the nursery of their choice and I wish them all the Best of Luck!
Thank you for all your enquiries,
Sincerely yours,

Neelika Edirisinghe
Director, the playway,

10, Independence Avenue,
Colombo 07,
Sri Lanka

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to practice my good habits - March 2012

Dear Parent,

We are pleased to inform you that we shall start our current theme “7 habits of Happy Kids” from the beginning of March 2012.
To have a kick start we need to understand the goals of this topic of inquiry!
Firstly, we must understand that early learners adjust to their environment easily and try to learn everything they need to by trying out and by observing their parents and other adults. Therefore, your child’s behavior lies in the hands of you/ other care givers and how supportive the adults are in their daily learning process. This learning moulds a child and the habits instilled in them last even when they are grownups!!!!
 Therefore, we must keep in mind that the early childhood is the most important time to introduce good habits.
As Educators and adults who directly associate your children we have a very big responsibility to be the right model and as parents you too.
Through this topic of Inquiry, we like to introduce 7 good habits!
To start with, let’s practice being responsible!
On Friday 24 Feb, the children, showed the photos they brought in and discussed their place in the family. They introduced their relatives and friends to their peers and teachers and doing so the children became aware that they live in a family and that each child belonged to a family!!! The second step starts on Tuesday, Feb 28, when we discuss with them about how they could be responsible by being helpful at home!!!   Please help your child/ children to be helpful in your daily chores at home.
How to help your child…
1.       Speak to your child how important it is to be able to help at home
2.       Explain how he can be of help, Eg Bringing the cutlery to arrange the table for the family dinner
3.       Assign a tiny job for him to do, regularly…
4.       Reward him/her when he/she remembers to do that with a star mark on a chart or simply acknowledging
5.       Open a scrap book made out of re usable paper / scrap paper/ real diary and stick in a picture he/she draws (doing the job assigned for the child) or photograph him/her doing so and stick the photo.
6.       Sit with your child and write a simple line about the job he/ she has done.
7.       Continue to do so with the second & third day for it becomes practice and then a HABIT!!!
8.       Record what you observe in simple lines… Send the scrap book every third day to the nursery….

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the playway newsletter January Feb 2012

Fall in Love
with Sri Lanka
this Valentine!!!

       Unity in Diversity…       

 A warm welcome to Mrs Wettasinghe

Thank you for sending your child for the Independence Day Celebrations at the playway, (on the Valentine’s Day) dressed in his/her National costume. It was a very colourful event, which showed the diversity of Sri Lankan community. This is indeed the picture we must paint in order to bring about an understanding among our people. Unity in diversity is the key for development, for preserving the beauty of our country. It strengthens the economy, culture and bonds. At the playway we enjoy diversity and encourage children under our care, to respect and learn about the each others’ beliefs and cultural differences.
Thank you for all those costumes you made for your child so caringly. It was evident that the children were very proud to be dressed in them.
Furthermore, Mrs. Sybil Wettasinghe our chief guest was truly amazed to meet your children and be with them. She spent nearly two hours with them telling stories, illustrating for them, singing and joining them in Sri Lankan action songs, & enjoying the special Independence-day meal you have generously sent.

Mrs. Wettasinghe said it was one of the most wonderful mornings she spent in her life…
the playwayers too found her very interesting and did not want to part with her.

Please check the playway blog spot for more information through photographs…

Happy Birthday January, February & March born…
Belated Birthday Wishes come your way January and February born…Many Happy Returns to  Amelia who celebrated her 4th Birthday on January 10 & little Thehara who celebrated her third birthday on January 19. Many Happy Returns Darlings!
Little Aken too celebrated his 04th Birthday on February 15 with his friends at the playway. Hope you had a great birthday with your friends around!!!

Many Happy Returns Darling Yeshara, Evan, Senitha, Kehathi & Weihan the March babies!
Hope you will have loads of FUN with your friends too!

A warm welcome to little Umaiza, Akein, Leksha, & Ovin, who joined us this term! We are delighted to have you all in our play circle!!! We know you are loving it too!

Our Current Theme: The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covery

We shall be inquiring into “The 7 habits of happy kids” as this theme will teach children under our care, the basic principles of life such as responsibility, planning ahead, respect for others, team work and balance in all what we do. Further, it is very important to understand that these basic principles are timeless, universal and self evident. They are needed today more than ever. Most importantly, this topic of inquiry will make the children understand how their actions/ words can affect others around them.
Please be informed that the good habits your child will be learning through this topic of inquiry will give him/her a good start and eventually the habits will turn into a way of life.
Please note that your child will need to maintain a scrap book, which will include pictures collected and stuck to show/share the peers & teachers how they have responded to the theme!!!
Your cooperation in this regard is truly appreciated.

Dates for Your Diary
Feb 24, Friday
Show & Tell: Please send your child’s photo album ( small one)
Feb 28, Tuesday
Start of the theme “The 7 habits of Happy Kids”- Start the diary: please help your child be responsible at home too. Give him/her a simple task and see whether he/ she remembers to carry on the task
March 07 Wednesday
Medin Full moon poya day. No play
March 09, Friday
Bring in a Pet Day…Caring for a pet ( Learning to be responsible)
( Please sign up to bring in a pet to the playway by one parent on this day…)
March 14,Wednesday
Paint Day: Paint My Pet– Messy Play
March 24  Friday
Water Day – Please send your child’s water toys and their swim kits (If available).

REMINDERu Fruit Break: Don’t forget our fruit breaks!

Please note that on both Tuesday and Thursday usual break time is given a special twist with  Fruit Breaks. Send your child a fruit and/or fresh fruit juice that he she will enjoy. Please let me know if your child is allergic to any kind of a fruit or other food item as children sometimes share food during breaks.
REMINDERu Chocolate Wednesday: Every other Wednesday we enjoy chocolates during our break time as chocolates have been proven to be good for children occasionally and in small quantities. Please send your child’s tooth brush (labeled with name) along with the chocolates to brush their teeth after eating the chocolate. Please hand over the labeled tooth brushes and tooth paste to the teacher in charge
REMINDERu Friday Brunch: Please send a ‘green meal’ containing plenty of vegetables coupled with rice or pasta etc. for the children’s brunch. A dessert will be a delightful addition. And please do not forget to send the children after a super breakfast on Friday as we delay the break to let the children enjoy the brunch
REMINDERu Physical Education: During Wednesday and Friday mornings the 3 Plusses (Nursery) will engage in 20 minutes of PE in the garden. Tuesday and Thursday mornings is the time for the 2 - 3 year olds (Infants) to have their PE lesson. Please send them in their  T- shirts with shorts and sneakers on the right days.

REMINDERu Book Pool: We are extremely sorry to mention that our “A Book a Home” Program was interrupted due to unavoidable circumstances. However, I am delighted to inform you that I am back into track after the brief illness that did not allow me to attend to the same for the past few weeks. Thank you for bearing with me!!! A book will be sent home as usual from now on…
Please read as many books to your child as possible, while you set an example by reading for your own pleasure in the presence of your child. ( allowing him/her to take a book and join you voluntarily)  

Let me say a big thank you to the parents who send books regularly to the book pool!!! A  reminder is sent to the others who have not yet done so. Please send one of your child’s favorites so he/she can share it with his/her friends. Books shared thus far have been returned to the owner in their original condition. Books submitted will be noted and returned at the end of each week. Please send a book once a week and take a book home daily. Please note that the books you send to the book pool have to be labeled with your child’s name.
Costume jwellery on children: Please be informed that children need to be sent to the playway dressed casual for that will enable them to enjoy all the activities offered at the playway. Basic cotton kits with sandles are a goodoption on normal playdays and the PE kit and shoes with socks are required on PE days.
Further, as obsereved by us the costume jwellery could be a hazard as children tend to be putting them in their mouths without their knowledge. Please refrain from sending the children to school with any kind of costume jwellery unless requested by the nursery.

Have a Fabulous February & Merry March
Neelika Edirisinghe
Director, the playway nursery,
In association with the Russian Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the playway Independence Day Celebrations!!!

We are exited to inform that the children at the playway are invited to celebrate the Independence of Sri Lanka along with Valentines Day on Tuesday February 14, 2012.

Please send them dressed up for the event in their own National Costumes.

The popular, veteran and our very own child-fiction writer/ illustrator/story teller, Mrs Sybil Wettasinghe is invited as the chief guest to grace the occasion. She has volunteered to have a story telling session for the playwayers.

The day will be filled with many activities to keep the playwayers active and happy and proud of their mother land!

Please bring in a Sri Lankan Dish to open a table with Sri Lankan cousins (Baby oil cakes/ kokis /milk rice/home- made murukku/ aluva/ aasmi/ home made baby wade/ ripe yellow bananas).

Please sign up for your dish. 

May this Independence bring eternal peace to all Sri Lankans!


Neelika Edirisinghe

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Year End Fairy Tales at the playway, December 09, 2011

Year End Fairy Tales at the playway, December 09, 2011
Dear Parent,
As mentioned in the NovDec Schedule, the playway will present fairy tales as the year end drama component!
Please be informed that this event is organized to give the young learner the confidence to come on stage and present himself/herself. We as Educators of Early Learners prefer children’s spontaneous actions to directed ones. Therefore, at the playway, we encourage children to come up with most of the actions while directing them where it is only necessary.  The characters were decided with the same idea in mind.

A special note of thank you: I am assisted by the staff at the playway, together with Yulia Edirisinghe, Editor of Monash University Student Association
( 2011/2012), Melissa Aluvihare, past President of the Literary Music and Drama society of Musaeus College Colombo and Kalani Kulathunga, Head Girl/ Vice President Literary, Music & Drama society of Musaeus College ( 2009/2010) in this event. Thank you ladies, for your patience, creativity and services.
Suggested Costumes: Please be advised that we would like to use mum -made costumes ( simple/ comfortable &  inexpensive) for all the characters for it will give a unique touch and a great feeling for the child…Please feel free to discuss how well we could do this (as soon as possible) as we need to have the costumes  ready by December 06 , at the playway.
Yours sincerely,
Neelika  Edirisinghe

News - November 2011

November & December Birthdays!!!

We are delighted to announce that little Naqeeb will be celebrating his second birthday on November 22. Hope Naqeeb will have loads of FUN with his friends at the playway!!!
Aunt Eranthi will celebrate her birthday on the November 23! Hope she will have a memorable birthday celebration too!!!
December birthday boy, Aditya will be five on 19! Hope he will have a fantastic birthday too!!!
 We take this opportunity to wish all of you a great year ahead! May all your birthday dreams come true!!!
Reminders!!!  Please be informed that the playway Fruit Breaks are on every Tuesday and Thursday. It is advised that you send your child his/her favourite fruit / fruit juice ( fresh juice please) on these days as we want children to have a positive attitude about fruit intake!!!
We encourage Brunch on Fridays! (Please send rice/ pasta/ noodles/pancakes or an assortment of items to choose from)
Normal Snack Days…Please try to send a variety of food items ie: yogurt, cheese, home -made sandwiches ,green gram, roti  or egg omelets  instead of sending one thing for a period of time. Very young children tend to get tired and could develop a negative attitude towards food if repeated for a period of time. Therefore, make sure your child’s pack of snack is interesting please!!!!
Also, please note that snack times are very special at the playway as we treat it to be the best time your child socializes with his/ her peers!!! Your child could gain a lot of self esteem if he/ she could enjoy what he gets as his/ her snack!!!
Dates for your Diary…
Friday 25 November ( Tentative)
Spend the day at Guruge Park- JaEla
Wednesday, 07
Open Day for Parents- Please sign up
Thursday, 08
Open Day for Parents- Please sign up
Friday, 09
Christmas songs and Fairy Tales…
Friday ,09
Play Halts for 2011…
Thursday, January 05
* Teachers back to work at the playway
Monday, January 09
Play begins for children…
Wednesday January 11
New children arrive…

Hope you will have a Nice November and a Delightful December!!
Neelika Edirisinghe